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    Recent Updated Journal
    Chinese Journal of Pharmaceuticals (2015-07) Mining and Metallurgical Engineering (2016-06)
    China Textile Leader (2016-11) Petroleum Geology and Recovery Efficiency (2017-04)
    Research of Environmental Sciences (2015-12) Light Metals (2019-09)
    China Food Industry (2019-05) 国际灾害风险科学学报(英文版) (2015-03)
    Journal of Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology (2015-02) Gansu Metallurgy (2015-04)
    China Fire (2009-12) Synthetic Materials Aging and Application (2016-04)
    Synthetic Lubricants (2019-03) Sulphuric Acid Industry (2019-08)
    Coal Processing & Comprehensive Utilization (2016-12)

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